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Dark Wood Triple Bunk Bed

Are you considering getting a bunk bed, perhaps for your child’s bedroom? Before you splash out, why not consider getting a triple bunk bed instead? They’re a lot more versatile, very appealing and ideal whenever you have to accommodate guests too. In fact once you’ve got one you may wonder why you never bought one earlier!

A great way to let two kids share one bedroom

If you have two sons or two daughters who are sharing one room, they’ll both benefit from sharing a triple bunk. Not only do they both get somewhere comfy to sleep, there’s also still a spare bed space when one of their friends comes to stay. Many kids love bunk beds but a triple bunk gives you even more versatility and freedom. Maybe it would be ideal for your home too.

A versatile piece of bedroom furniture

Metal Triple Bunk BedThe traditional style of triple bunk beds is to have a single bunk over the top of a double bunk. But there are other options available as well. One example is to have the three bunks one on top of the other, either in a stack or placed so they fit into the corner of a room. In this design the middle bunk is at right angles to the other two. It also means less height is needed overall, since each person can comfortable sit up in bed without any obstruction.

A cheap solution for a kid’s bedroom

Triple bunk beds are also incredibly affordable, and they come in several finishes to allow you to find the perfect bed for your needs. For example some are in tubular metal while others are in real unfinished wood. You can either paint or stain these to make them fit in with the rest of the décor. If you’re looking to save some cash, untreated wood is usually cheaper than finished wood.

Under bed storage available if required

Some of the more expensive designs come with under bed storage built in. Since the bottom bunk is traditionally a double, this means you can enjoy double the amount of storage space as well. It’s a great way of tucking away all the spare bedding and blankets when they’re not in use.

An incredibly small footprint for a bed that can sleep three people!

Pine Triple Bunk BedThis is one of the biggest perks most people see in a triple bunk bed. Since you can get two people in the bottom bunk and one in the top, it’s ideal for situations where you only have a small bedroom to fit the bed in. It gives you the maximum use out of your space, enabling you to achieve far more in the process.

Which triple bunk bed will be ideal for your home?

With so many choices available and lots of colours, options and finishes to choose from, one thing is certain – you’re bound to find the ideal triple bunk bed for your needs, no matter where you look. Have fun shopping for it!